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Professional Counseling

I provide professional counseling/therapy/psychotherapy services for the following states:




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In-office sessions by appointment only

Virtual  Services  

Services offered:

Clinical Supervision, LPC-S

What a tremendous accomplishment for making it this far in your counseling career!  I hope you are proud of yourself for a job well done!  I want to personally "thank you" for embarking on this journey in the helping profession.  Now more than ever, the mental health needs of others are becoming more of a top priority, as it should. People are taking on unexpected challenges, changes, and stressors.  For me, mental health is just as important as physical health. The body is one with multiple parts working together.  It is our job as professional clinicians to help others along their journey to mental health wellness.  As you become an advocate for others, don't forget to become an advocate for yourself.  Self-care is a huge part of my personal and professional journey in mental wellness.  You only can extend 'what and who' you are.  So make sure you put yourself on your priority list.  Believe me, your clients will be better for it.

As you start your journey in supervision, allow me the privilege of walking beside you.  I am a Board Qualified Supervisor for the State of Mississippi. I am equipped and trained to help you become a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) in the state of Mississippi.  The service is for post, Master level professionals.

Below are examples of the terms of my supervision contract:

Supervision pricing: 

One individual Supervision hour: $90

One group Supervision hour: $60

*group supervision is by request only from pre-formed groups with 2+ persons.

*For more information, submit the form below. Serious inquires only.

Substance Abuse Assessment (US DOT) (SAP)

I am a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) for US DOT.   If you are needing an assessment completed to help you return to work, contact me today!

Prudence Hatchett,, 662-871-4569

My office is located in Tupelo, MS.  I can also provide this assessment virtually via video!

Coaching & Consultation

Be Empowered. Be Transformed.  

PH Coaching & Consultation will help unlock and activate your true potential by concentrating on your personal goals.  This can be accomplished by positioning yourself to learn new skills needed for building knowledge, implementing strategies, understanding concepts, and creating ideas to cultivate more balance and control.  I incorporate a solution focus, strength based approach so you can create reasonable solutions to some of life's toughest problems.  With me, you can experience transformational growth in personal and professional development that will guide you towards higher confidence and greater success.

Life Coaching<< Create the Life You Deserve: Through Life Coaching, you are embarking on a personal journey of transformation that will increase personal achievement and satisfaction towards living the life that you desire.  This does not happen by chance, it happens by choice! And you have the power to choose.  If you feel out of alignment with your true purpose, feel defeated, or having difficulty with create positive change, then PH Life Coaching is for you.  Lose fear, doubt, stress, and confusion to gain.. Motivation, Empowerment, and Confidence!

Professional Consultation<< Identify What You Need, Obtain What You Want: Through Professional Consultation, you can experience a transformation to will help you unlock and activate your full potential by learning new skills to solve problems.  You will learn to create realistic goals and learn how to navigate the decision making process so you can live life on purpose.  Lose hesitation, self-criticism, and frustration to gain.. Direction, Determination, and Identity!

Anxiety & Stress Coaching<< Recognize, Understand, and Manage Anxiety & Stress: Have you ever experienced racing thoughts, rapid heart beats, palpitations, panic attacks, isolation, lack of focus, trouble sleeping, or extreme worries? If so, then Anxiety & Stress Coaching is for you.  You will learn to recognize your stressors and triggers, understand how anxiety and stress effects the body, and create a self-management plan.  With coaching, you will learn how to implement strategies that will help you defeat distressed thinking patterns. Therefore, leading you towards mental wellness, balance, and peace.

How long is each session?

Individual session can last up to 60 minutes, but can be adjusted to personal needs

Who are the coaching services for?

I provide coaching services for all states.  This service is for an adult (18+) who can consent for self 

How will results be measured?

Outcome results will vary from person to person. When you purchase the service, you will be emailed an intake form where you will document specific details about your coaching needs. Your session will be personalized for you to help you navigate possible solutions. Please note, no specific results are guaranteed due to the changing nature of behavior and the environment.

Is coaching and counseling/therapy/psychotherapy the same thing?

NO. Coaching is the practice of building personal skills for solving problems and becoming self aware of current strengths to attain greater life satisfaction.  Whereas, the counseling process can include a mental health diagnosis and clinical treatment designed for the betterment of emotional stability across multiple sessions.

What is the price and specifics of this service?

Contact me for pricing.  This is a strength based, solution focused approach. The session is packed with individualized strategies, skill building techniques, ideas, and problem solving tactics.  Session content is specific to the needs of each individual. 

*Due to the nature of the service, there are no refunds.

*Contact me for information regarding pricing for groups and organizations

Educational Consultation

Overview:  I can develop consultations, workshops, webinars, or training/coaching options that will be designed specifically for your educational or organization's needs via one-on-one, small group,  large group, special education department, or for the administration/leadership staff.  All services include evidence based practices and can be delivered in person, virtually, telephone, pre-recorded, or digital/for print products. 

*visit the "Books" section to read about my first published book, "Behavior is Not a Destination, It's a Process" 

Consultations examples:

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